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Our glorious journey of manufacturing pumps started in the year 1994 initially with a small scale production of Mono block pump sets and with a strong vision of “Serving the Nation through Industry”, and Mission of ‘’Delivering World class pump sets at best in class quality’’.

The policy driven company, by the wide acceptance of quality and reliability of its products is now seeing new heights.

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Pump Manufacturers of Coimbatore

Although Coimbatore is not rich in mineral resources, it never was a hurdle for her to become one of the most leading hubs of pumps and motors in the world. Sigmafos Best Water Pump Manufacturers in Coimbatore range from big giants competing among international monopolies to a single man owned, operated, produced micro company, pumps here are produced in abundance. Irrespective of the company’s size, financial capability and the workforce they all have a common motive to maintain a pristine quality. The reputation for any Coimbatore manufactured unit that’s in any consumer’s hand is the reward to that motive.

Development of Pumps Manufacturers in Coimbatore: These pumps manufacturers in coimbatore had a lot of ingenious or desi jugad ways of getting about in the business. For instance sending a jeep to the main bus stands whisking away the buyers there at the bus stand, to create a product range with just 10% performance slabs.

The best water pumps manufacturers in coimbatore, are now seeing new heights. It does come with a price. The current increase in the raw materials, the shortage of manpower is proving to be a challenge. The market is shaken yet confident that this is just another hurdle in their journey.

In 2008, we designed and developed a new generation of pumps, with significant upgradations under the brand name ‘SIGMAFOS’. Today our brands cater to the needs of the most refined customers who are looking for trouble-free, high quality, energy efficient, silent pumps that are simple and easy to use with low energy consumption giving great return on investment.

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    Sigmafos Products are available at our dealer and distributor network and outlets throughout most major cities. Customers can get in touch to identify their local dealer and get necessary support to purchase sigmafos products.
    Sigmafos service centers are mostly available at our dealer or distributor’s facility where the products can be serviced or tested. We provide warranty to our products (Terms and conditions applied)
    We at sigmafos are striving for a renowned place at the Global market. In three decades we see ourselves working our way up, learning at every single obstacle to be among the top five global monopoly in the field of fluid management. All our professional goals said and recorded, we at sigmafos remind ourselves every other moment about our responsibility as individuals to this society and the planet. We will constantly be at the frontline against any form of practice that deteriorates the flora and fauna, and any form of inequality or injustice against any living being. We will equally prioritize leaving our footprint on the global wellness as much as we want to leave an achievement in the field of fluid management.
    We at sigmafos believe is growing mutually. We see our workforce is provided with facilities and support that not only enables them to bring the best but also provide them a base to grow for themselves professionally and personally.
    At Sigma we believe strongly in equality and unity. We make sure opportunity is offered to skilled, worthy and quality wise stronger individuals, be it our suppliers, employees, distributor network and consumer as far as we can reach. We are completely against discrimination or equality of any sort and in any levels.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions please ask us and we will answer you as quickly as possible Make a question now!

    Yes, appartment from a lot of pumpanufacturers, coimbatore is an industrial and Educational hub. There are lot of transports and travel offices, both private and government owned that allow easy access for travel as well as transportation of goods!

    Yes, upon appointment it can be done. The visitor is expected to follow dress code and the firm’s rules. Rights of admission is reserved by the management.

    Pump manufacturers in Coimbatore avail the service of a few laboratories for their instrument calibration and R&D, they may allow visitors upon advance notification.

    Sigmafos pumps are high performance pumps, They are constructed using high grade SS, Castings and are wound using copper coils. We make sure every component is thoroughly inspected and checked before it’s being put into production. We do not allow compromise on our high performance pumps.

    The weight of our pumps may vary depending on the specifications. They range from 7kgs to 790kgs. 

    Our products hold government regulated quality standard certificates such as ISI, ISO, BEE, 5 STAR, they are power efficient pumps. Every single unit is tested as per the standard norms using sophisticated automated testing systems before they are dispatched.

    Our products are power efficient pumps, they run from currents as low as 120V. But it may vary according to the specification and to match expected performance. Do use our free consultation to know more.