Power Range(kW) 0.37 – 1.1 kW
Speed 2900 rpm
Versions Single phase – 230V, 50Hz, A.C. Supply, Three phase – 380-415V, 50Hz A.C. supply
Type of Duty S1 Continuous Duty
Degree of Protection IP 54
Class of Insulation B
Maximum Discharge Upto 4 m³/h
Maximum Head Upto 45 m
Max.Suction Lift Upto 7 m
Sealing Type Mechanical seal
Max.Liquid Temperature 30°C
Max.Ambient Temperature 40°C
Max.Operating Pressure 4.5bar
Flange Standard Manufacturer standard
Suction Flange Size in mm 25
Delivery Flange Size in mm 25


C.R.I. QF Series comprises of Stainless Steel Jet Pump, electronic pressure control and adaptor to make a quick installation of portable booster pumping system. As the Jet Pump is made of stainless steel construction, this system is suitable for domestic and potable water supply. The system switches ON & OFF automatically whenever there is a pressure drop in the pipe line and maintains preset level of pressure in the booster system. It maintains uniform pressurized water in the pipelines to meet the demand.


  • i) High efficiency
  • ii) Compact and rigid construction
  • iii) Back pull out design
  • iv) Single phase pumps are thermally protected


  • 1) Residence
  • 2) Pressure boosting system
  • 3) Cooling system
  • 4) Washing systems
  • 5) Utility application in industries and buildings
  • 6) RO Systems